Benefits of Composting Food Waste & Organics

Composting is the most environmentally friendly option for handling organic waste. Composting food waste and organic waste in general at a licensed composting center creates a useful product using feedstock that is usually wasted in the landfill. A landfill has a confined life, but a composting center can keep on handling waste consistently. By taking care for rerouting reusable waste generated by your organization, you are helping to enhance the sustainability of the region.

Composting at home is also important. In a nutshell, composting is a practice of converting organic matter that is set for disposal into something beneficial. Essentially, organic components like vegetable matter, eggshells, coffee grinds, and tea bags are placed in an appropriate container or pile to decompose. As time passes, these items turn into a rich form of soil that is positively full of beneficial components and can help you grow incredible plants in your garden. Surprisingly, compost can also avert harmful pests.


Food waste is roughly 15 percent of household waste and yard waste cause for further 13 percent of the waste flow in the US. A normal household that composts can lessen their trash amount by more than 50 percent.

Anyone can compost at home by setting up a garden compost bin or starting a worm bin. Both garden compost and a worm bin allow fruit and vegetable scraps and plant trimmings. Components that are unwanted are fats, oils, meat leftovers, vegetables cooked in oils or sauces, dairy products, weeds that have gone to seed, dog manure or manure of other sources.

In some areas citizens have convenience to city’s collection of compost. Check with your municipality or hauler to see if such service is offered in your region. This type of composting is performed on a large-scale and the food waste materials are handled by professional composters. This sort of composting is practical for many businesses as well, especially those that make large amounts of food waste.

Less trash getting sent to landfill also means a decrease in waste management costs for your city, and ultimately for the whole country.

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