Learn More about Green Manure Cover Crops

The usage of green manure cover crops is a widely used process among many farmers and hobby-gardeners. This approach of organic fertilizing has many positive factors for the backyard gardener.

What is Green Manure?

Green manure is a certain plant or crop types that are developed and turned into the soil to boost its overall quality. A green manure crop can be cut and them cultivated into the soil or basically just left in the ground for a longer time before digging the garden. Types of green manure crops involve grass mixtures and legume plants.

Raising and rotating manure cover crops over provides additional value with enhanced nutrients and organic material to the soil. When used in the soil, plants break down, gradually discharging necessary nutrients, such as nitrogen, that is essential for plant development. It also elevates soil drainage and water storing qualities.

Late-season grasses are helpful for restoring leftover nitrogen after crops have been collected.

green manure crop
green manure crop

Creating Green Manure

When creating the green manure cover crops, you must first consider the season, study the site, and the particular necessities of the soil. Such as, a nice green manure crop for winter could be a cool-season grass such as winter rye. Heat-friendly crops, like beans, are good for spring and summer. For garden parts in need of added nitrogen, legumes, including clover, are best.

Green manure crops must be turned over just prior they start flowering. Because green manure crops grow quite fast, they make a perfect option for amending soil before spring planting.

You can grow a green manure crop when you have an extra garden bed ready. When planting a green manure you will need much more seeds than you would use to cultivate a regular vegetable crop. Usually all you need to do is select your seed is and spread it smoothly over freshly cultivated surface and gently cover it with soil. You could for instance grow alfalfa and beans. Make sure the seeded area is full and thick. Water it, and maintain the seeds continually damp until they germinate. When your green manure crop has germinated, all that you have to do is water it once in a while if the weather gets very dry. Cut down the grains if they grow more than 50 cm. Legumes are cut down when they begin to flower.

The healthier the soil, the bigger the gardening success will be.

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